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Pink Dream - Pink dream world against war and suffering


In the art installation "Pink Dream" the conceptual artist Karin Hannak deals with the conflict areas of the present.

Kurier report by Peter Temel, 06/07/2015,18:13

"Pink Dream" is the vision of peaceful coexistence. The expansive work of art describes the dream of an angelic being appearing in the evening twilight, whose eyes in pink colors reflect people of all religions and cultures in loving encounters. On the abstractly designed dream creatures, images of people embracing one another can be seen in the form of pink colored eyes. 

About the creation of the photos: Wherever Karin Hannak was on the road or traveling by train, she asked people if she could photograph them for an exhibition on the subject of love and peaceful togetherness. Her request that they hug and kiss each other initially caused great astonishment. But then almost everyone joined in, including the Jordanian ambassador with the abbot of Melk Abbey, as well as the Congolese looking for work with the Persian woman seeking asylum."

awakening from the dream

From the dream she has in "Pink Dream" with pink dyed panels of fabricspreads, you will be torn out abruptly in the end. Windows pasted with international newspaper reports about the terror of IS and Boko Haram and a "Bloody Horizon" (a vast landscape of fabric with a horizon of blood) show a world as we experienced it at the time of the IS terror.

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