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Karin Hannak lives and works in Wels, Austria | 1985 Painting with Prof. Anton Lehmden in Salzburg, Austria | 1988 Painting with Prof. Rudolf Kortokraks in Rome, Italy | Field of activity: CapilloArt, Photography, Installations, Concept Art

In 1990, Karin Hannak changes her way of expression from painting to CapilloArt and conceptual art. She discovers the special meaning of human hair as artistic material - hair confronting the transitoriness of our lives with consistence, strength and eternity, showing great attraction through its uniqueness. This fragile part of human life with its social and personal background is the material from which the artist forms emotional objects. - The first so-called capillographics show "Faces of Life". 1997 she creates the "Human Mirror" installation "CapilloCollection International". After Nine Eleven human suffering as well as the concern for the future of our world become central topics for which the artist always finds new possibilities of expression. She works projects in white, poster walls, light installations, sculpture and photo projects like eg 2004 the project "Watch the Cobble Stones" in view of “Violence against Women”. - 2005 Her computer animation "Every 5 Seconds" points at the world-wide mass mortality of children. - The vision "CapilloGlobe" describes the basic situation of our world, the immense endangerment of our vulnerable planet as well as our hope for the imperishable. - In her art project "European Landscape", a hint at the imminently enormous responsibility for our children's future, lying in our decisions, which the artist performs in 2006 during the Austrian presidency of the European Union, municipalities, museums, art-galleries, Universities and schools of all countries of the European Union are participating. - As of 2008, the artist starts to encompass the world with "Embracing Time and Space" (ETAS), a symbol for love and peace - represented by a banner in transparent foil depicting a quote by Thérèse de Lisieux. -

Karin Hannak's work is contributing more and more to defy the violence and the brutality of our time. Moreover, it expresses that love is the most important pre-condition for a harmonious coexistence.

2010 "Child Abuse" - digital photo collages on child abuse. - 2011 Design of a wagon of the train "Peace moves" in Vienna's Donaupark - 2012 Installation of "ETAS" as a present of the Austrian Embassy Caracas to the Cultural Center "Fondation Connaissance et Liberté FOKAL" in Port-au-Prince for the opening of a memorial to the earthquake in Haiti. - 2014 "Global Curls for Egyptian Girls" - a solidarity sign for the women fighting for their rights in Egypt. - "PINK DREAM" - a pink dream world against violence and suffering realized in 2015 focuses on love as the strongest force for peace. - The installation "Victims' Blood" is a signal against the senseless bloodshed in the world. - 2015-2016 "GLOBAL CURLS" - this intercultural collaborative work with Ilse Hirschmann has been realized as part of the exhibition "Burning Questions" at the Künstlerhaus Vienna as a project that promotes the rights of women worldwide.


Member of the Künstlerhaus association of Austrian artists

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