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A huge red net for the impressive network of those involved in "Global Curls". - symbolizing activity, strength, energy as well as the feminine - becomes "WORLD WIDE WOMEN'S WEB"  


Global Curls - Work in Progress for Women's Rights

- a joint project by Karin Hannak and Ilse Hirschmann, entitled "Global Curls for Egyptian Girls", was originally intended as a protest against the degrading conditions in Egypt and at the same time as support for Egyptian women's efforts to achieve equality also after a preparatory workshop in the Europahaus Burgenland 

presented at the Cairo Opera House in Egypt on International Women's Day 2014.

The action was inspired by the activist who publicly cut her hair in Cairo in December 2012 to protest against the marginalization of women.


Current sexual assaults and mistreatment of women worldwide prompted Karin Hannak and Ilse Hirschmann to globalize the artwork in 2015 and in this way it became a project that campaigned for women's rights   worldwide _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_, realized in the Künstlerhaus Vienna.


With their hair, which is a symbol of power, women and men from all over the world support the demands of oppressed women for fair and democratic conditions.

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