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"Art project as a peace symbol"

(, 07.05.2019)


"You lovely art, sleep well in the storm of time...

... Apart from that, the European art scene just acts as if there is no mega-challenge through fundamental cultural differences! You have to search for a long time before you find a (older) solidarity work with locks of hair for the freedom of Egyptian women (Karin Hannak) in the Vienna Künstlerhaus..." 14.01.16)


"When pink dreams are shattered by reality

The concept artist Karin Hannak is currently conjuring up a pink dream, i.e. "Pink Dream" ..." (New People's Gazette, 06/24/2015)


"Pink dream world against war and suffering ...";art1100,1861186 (06/18/2015)


"Pink Dream" in the gallery Forum Wels (, 09.06.2015)


"Concentration exhibition starts in the Forum gallery.

... As part of this exciting exhibition with works by many artists in A6 format, Karin Hannak shows a touching diptych on the subject of concentration camps. Filled with hair of people of all ages, each hair being a symbol of a human being..." (Upper Austrian news, November 27th, 2014)


"Hair art from catfish in Egypt" (New People's Gazette, 03/11/2014)


"Global Curls for Egyptian Girls" (ORF Upper Austria Culture, 08.03.2014)


"Hair locks for Egyptian women" (Courier announcement on the front page of the daily newspaper, 3/8/14)


"lokne z celeho sveta su uz v egypte podporia prava zien" /Damska Jazda, 07.03.2014)


"Hairy Austrian art project in Cairo" (, 07.04.2014)


"Hair strands as an art project and action for Egyptian women" (Upper Austrian news, March 7th, 2014)


"Women's Day - Hairy Austrian Art Project in Cairo" (Tyrolean daily newspaper, 07.03.2014)


"Curls as a sign of solidarity" (, 06.03.2014)


Courier, 02/25/14 - Anything but boring


dieStandard, 04/16/2013 - Global Curls for Egyptian Girls


Courier, 04/13/2013 - Strands of hair should continue to "network" 


"Kadeře pro egyptské dÍvky: Ještě dnes mohou lidé posilat rakouské umělkyni Karin Hannak své ustřižené kadeře, z nichž performerka vytvořila projekt_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136d5cf53dSvětové kadeře per egyptské dívky a vystavuje ho v Káhiře jako formu protestu proti marginalizaci žen v nové egyptské společnosti ..." (RESPECT.CZ, 04.04.2013 17:30)


Courier, 03/13/2013 - Locks of hair as a sign of solidarity 


Damska Jazda, 03/08/2013 - Pramene vlasov z celého sveta podporia práva egyptských žien

"Installation. Wels artist embraces time and space worldwide ......." (OÖ News/Tips, 01/18/2012)


"A constant pot, a hot stone.

It was the oppressed and strangely astonished look at the screen that radically changed Karin Hannak's artistic life. Her work should henceforth be directed against the violence and brutality of the present, the Wels native decided when she saw the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York collapse on September 11, 2001 ......."

(OÖ Nachrichten, 01/14/2012 - detailed report under,798017 )


"Haiti - Social : Memorial at the Parc Martissant.
...Facing the bay of Port-au-Prince, the work of Austrian artist Karin Hannak declines in a continuous stream and in several languages a quote from St. Therese of Lisieux: "I understood that Love is everything, that it embraces all times and places ... that it is eternal !"......." 

(Haiti Libre, 13th January 2012 -


"For Haiti: A bond of love from catfish.

CATFISH/HAITI. Exactly two years ago today, a severe earthquake shook the island state of Haiti. Exactly two years later, an art project by Karin Hannak from Wels can be seen in a memorial in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince ......."

(OÖ Nachrichten, 01/12/2012 -,796563  )



... Karin Hannak is distributing 100 transparent balloons to all those who want to make a difference with a hopeful gesture and want to let balloons rise in a joint action as a strong sign of peaceful coexistence ..." (artmagazine, 08.07.2010)



"Diversity from catfish by 27 artists.

... Karin Hannak provides three powerful images from her series "Sexual abuse of children". She unequivocally denounces her digital collages, but formulates this aesthetically and with an appeal to the church for solutions ......." (Upper Austrian news, June 1st, 2010



"Art about abuse.

Rome's silence prompted the artist Karin Hannak to create a series of works on the subject of "Sexual abuse of children". On the occasion of the exhibition "Change of location" in the Galerie der Mitte in Linz, the artist is showing three pictures from this series: "Abuse" (picture) - a powerful gilded penis as the dominant appearance, in front of it many children's heads ......."_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ (, 21.05.2010)



"Blue Monday.

As part of the INTAKT exhibition "Blauer Montag" the artist Karin Hannak is showing the photograph "Paths to Heaven", a memory of a Monday morning in May ......." (, 01.09.2008)



"Art action: Peace ribbon at the Mariendom in Linz.

On the Easter Vigil of April 11, 2009, the Wels artist Karin Hannak installed her peace project "ETAS - EMBRACING TIME AND SPACE" in front of the Mariendom in Linz - a silver foil banner ......."(ORF, April 10, 2009)



"Peace campaign in front of Mariendom.  During Easter Vigil, the peace project "ETAS - Embracing Time and Space" by Karin Hannak will be installed in front of the Mariendom in Linz, a 10 meter long, transparent film banner with a multilingual repeating banner Quote from Thérèse de Lisieux. Starting in Linz, this project is intended to send signs of love and peace around the world. After the presentation in public space, the banner will be installed in the cathedral." (Upper Austrian news, April 8th, 2009,145086 )%20)



"With skin and hair. The cyclical project by the artist Karin Hannak can currently be seen in the Stadtmuseum St. Pölten.

The cycle "With skin and hair" by the artist Karin Hannak is currently being shown on the occasion of the exhibition "Künstlerhaus Wien" - together with Dietmar Brehm, Waltraut Cooper, Johannes Deutsch, Behruz Heschmat and others - in Lower Austria. Documentation Center for Modern Art/ St. Pölten City Museum. These are "macro photos of human skin of all races, reminiscent of being human beyond artificially set ethnic boundaries," explains the artist." (, August 20, 2008)



"European landscape. Complete presentation of the art project with the participation of Karin Hannak in Vienna.

The exhibition "Europalandschaft" in the Forum Wels gallery already showed the first overall presentation of the two-part art project conceived by Karin Hannak to meditate on the future of Europe, which the artist started during Austria's EU presidency - reported .... ... A cross-section of the "European landscape" can be seen in Vienna / Educult / Museumsquartier until September 29." (, June 29, 2007)



"Austria kunstniku näitust võib igaüks pliiatsiga täiendada.

Austria Suursaatkond avab Tallinna Kunstihoone fuajees Vabaduse väljakul sel reedel austria kunstniku Karin Hannaku projecti "Euroopa maastikud.

Austria Kunstnik Karin Hannak mõtles välja kaheosalise kunstiprojekti "Euroopa maastikud" I ja II ........................  Kogu projekt "Euroopa maastikud" I ja II, kuhu arvatakse ka Eestis teostatud töö, avatakse näitusel March 14, 2007 Muuseumikvartalis Viinis.


"Karin Hannak: European Landscape- The Future of Europe.

The Oostenrijkse Kunstenares Karin Hannak onderzoekt de Europese thought by the Europese burger. Opportunity to represent places in Europe was to be hung on the board, with devraag aan voorbijgangers om hun thought of het Europe van tomorrow te ventileren .......

(Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Electronic Nieuwsbrief, 26 June 2006 -


"Every five seconds. 

Karin Hannak addresses the issue of the mass deaths of children - her work will soon be on view in the Künstlerhaus. Jean Ziegler's new book "The Empire of Shame" deals with mass deaths in the Third World, corruption, exploitation, impoverishment and the responsibility that Western governments and multinational corporations have to bear in this context. With reference to this, the artist Karin Hannak has created a computer animation entitled "Every five seconds" to illustrate the catastrophic mass death of children ......." (, 11.11.2005)


"Stones of food for thought.

The mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa. A woman in an exceptional situation - admired by thousands every day - is admired. At least in the Louvre in Paris.
The artist Karin Hannak copied portraits of women onto transparent foil and onto paving stones
affixed. In the new pedestrian zone in the center of Wels, these cobblestones were embedded in the anonymity of the normal ones. You have to look closely to see the dark spots, take the time to focus on a face at the right angle.
Hannak's approach is based on the careless handling of women's rights, which are all too often overlooked and which are also gladly ignored. "Achtung KopfPast" is what she calls the project, in which she puts stones of (thought)-provoking stumbling blocks in front of her feet..." (OÖ Nachrichten, 17.08.2004)



"from 7.8. women's heads

Karin Hannak titled her art project "Achtung KopfPflaster" with which she wants to draw attention to violence against women and women's rights. Eight artistically designed cobblestones, the relief of which is reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa ... (Der Standard, 07.08.2004)


"Cobblestones are now drawing attention to women's rights in Welser-City!

... According to project manager Karin Hannak, women's rights and violence are not to be seen as locally limited, but as global issues ... (, 03.08.2004


"Ecce Homo" in Wels.

... touring exhibition on the subject of war "covered by water" ... the artist Karin Hannak, who became known for her "CapilloArt", is also represented. She is presenting two works for viewing and discussion: "Ecce Homo"-Human Images is a capillography cycle that reflects human fate and the helplessness of being at the mercy. The impressive and strictly conceived work is to a certain extent an object of meditation on human suffering. Karin Hannak took her work "CapilloCase 42" from her 1999 human mirror "CapilloCollection International", a kind of portrait with hair of Lucien Duckstein, a survivor of the Holocaust. " (OÖ News, 19.04.2003)



"The hair in art. Künstlerhaus.

As part of the Künstlerhaus Salon, Wolfgang Müller-Thalheim, art and psychopathology expert, will be speaking about Karin Hannak's work tonight. She deals with suffering and transience, time and eternity - and above all with silence. Hannak is one of the few artists working with human hair today..." (Die Presse, September 5th, 2002)


"Art enlivens Sechshauserstrasse. Vienna (pts) -

... This installation shows that Hannak succeeds in directly addressing the deep human longing for eternal life, which is in conflict with material transience. In addition, the formal-aesthetic solution is also convincing ..." (Yahoo! 12/06/2002)


"How does hair get into an exhibition.

... For more than 10 years Karin Hannak has been turning hair into art ... " (BILD newspaper, 03.07.2002) 



In 1993 Karin Hannak from Wels presented her capillographies to the public for the first time. Extravagant hair in extravagant pictures: a new technique of graphic design...” (OÖ. Kulturbericht, 08/2000)



... The transience of time and the desire to capture it is what this year's state exhibition is about, as is Karin Hannak's retrospective, which starts from the special importance of human hair as a renewable part of the personality ... in two rooms of the current show Capillographies from the period between 1990 and 1997 are shown. In 1994, white walls in Vienna became important for Hannak, on which passers-by wrote words and pictures ... Then she went on to a new trace of our earthly days ..." (Neues Volksblatt, 05.08.2000)



"CapilloCollection: Man in the mirror of the turn of the millennium.

... Photographs and hair from people's heads are kept in showcase-like containers and also presented there ... When placed next to each other, the showcases also result in an oversized mirror image in their entirety and thus correspond to the artist's intention to show people in the mirror at the turn of the millennium ..." ( Upper Austrian news, July 15, 1999)



"Advertising for thought FREUDE.

Karin Hannak uses a "forgotten" billboard in Wels for advertising of a very special kind. Inspired by commercial posters, from which she distilled suggestive keywords, she created an "art poster". The message on it: 'GOAL . . . Thought FREUDE' is aimed at people who are always in a hurry..." (OÖ Nachrichten, 08.09.1995)


"Longing and hope

... The artist not only works with unusual hair, she also has other unusual ideas ..." (Neues Volksblatt, April 15, 1995)


"10 m billboard in front of the Votive Church - Vienna 1994

… Pure white in front of the Votive Church, which over time was used by passers-by as a wall for messages ..." (ORF, March 30, 1995)


"Time Traces.

Isn't every hair that we lose a bit of time in our life that is irretrievably over?" This writing runs along a long white billboard as fine as a hair..." (Welser Rundschau, 07.10.1993)

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