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Light in Space and Time, 2007

Sunlight falls into the room, captured through a tall, narrow hatch - a silent figure walking relentlessly...

“Time always flows at an even rate. We cannot delay or stop them. The passage of time seems unwavering. The room is also an immovable size...
However, if 'c' is always the same due to the absolute speed of light, then the other two parameters of the equation, space and time, must be variable. Aren't space and time those fixed natural constants that they were thought to be for thousands of years?
Einstein was willing to challenge the classical definition of space and time. For him, time was not a metaphysical concept, but simply what a watch measures: a periodic sequence of fixed units in the form of hours, minutes and seconds. When you think of a watch, you don't necessarily have to think of it as a mechanical device. Any periodic process can be a clock.” (Internet, bm:bwk: Einsteins Theory of Relativity 24058, p.4)

LIGHT TIME - the video recording of a ray of sunshine shows the time that the light needs to travel through space, shows the changes in space caused by the light - makes time perceptible. Set to repetition, the periodic process mentioned in the quote, reminiscent of a clock, occurs.

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