The unspeakable plastic littering on our world has caused the artist to set a mark against irresponsible and thoughtless use and the discarding of plastic waste.

Today plastic waste can already be found in places all over the world - it does not rot, even if it turns into microplastics it is imperishable. This way it is a danger especially for the wildlife and the plants in the seas, but in the consequence also for the existence of mankind.

By different art works (photographs and videos) about this topic Karin Hannak wants to illustrate that the commitment of every human being is necessary if we want to handle the problem of plastic pollution on our planet.

Story of the Videos of 2 art actions:

After "CAN WE STILL AFFORD THAT?", an art action denouncing the careless handling of plastic waste, the second action on plastic waste is a call to "RETHINK" - a call to all of us to contribute with our own hands to save our world. Symbolically, adults and children demonstrate their love for the environment by disposing of plastic waste.