The "WORLD WIDE WOMEN'S WEB" - a net in red color symbolizing activity, power, energy as well as the female - shows the impressing network of the participants which are involved at the artwork "GLOBAL CURLS" (see extract) >>>   
"Global Curls" - Work in progress for Women's Rights Worldwide - with its former title "Global Curls for Egyptian Girls" was originally conceived as a protest against the degrading conditions in Egypt and at the same time it was
intended as a support of the Egyptian women’s equality efforts.
Ilse Hirschmann, the initiator, and Karin Hannak, who is essentially responsible for the concept of "Global Curls", have since developed the art project committed to women's rights globally. With their hair, as a symbol
of power, women and men, too, from all over the world support the oppressed women's claim for fair and democratic conditions.


At the occasion of International Women's Day 2014,  „Global Curls for Egyptian Girls“ has been installed at the Cairo Opera House in 2014 after a preparing workshop at Europahaus Burgenland in Eisenstadt, Austria.
In 2015 „Global Curls“ has been realized as "Work in Progress for Women's Rights Worldwide" at the Künstlerhaus Vienna in Austria.
For participation in the project please print and fill out the "CapilloForm" with first name, age, profession and nationality, then affix your foto, as well as a small (about 3 cm) curl or strand of hair und send it
by post to Karin Hannak    or    Ilse Hirschmann:

Karin Hannak CapilloArt              Ilse Hirschmann

Giesserbachstrasse 1               --   Fabrikstraße 8

4600 Wels                          -.---    7052 Müllendorf

Austria/ Europe                       --   Austria/ Europe
Neues Volksblatt, 11.03.2014 - Haarkunst aus Wels in Ägypten
ORF Oberösterreich Kultur - Global Curls for Egyptian Girls
Kurier-Ankündigung auf der Titelseite der Tageszeitung, 08.03.14 - ONLINE - Haarlocken für Ägyptens Frauen
Podcasts aus Österreich - Radio Burgenland extra, 06.03.2014 - Global Curls, 06.03.2014 - Locken als Zeichen der Solidarität
dieStandard, 16.04.2013 - Global Curls for Egyptian Girls
BVZ, 14.03.2013 - Solidarität ist Kunst 
Die Furche, 04.03.2013 - Solidarität für Frauen
Idee: Ilse Hrschmann sah einen Bericht im Standard über einen Haarschnitt auf dem Tahrir-Platz als Protest gegen die Maginalisirung der Rolle der Frau in Ägypten:
Konzept: Karin Hannak und Ilse Hirschmann